Exterior restoration

All of the expense and work undertaken on the interior would eventually be wasted over time if crucial repairs and renovations of the stonework, lead-work and pointing was not completed to the exterior of the cathedral.


The stone work of each parapet was documented; each stone was numbered including its orientation then dismantled and the mortar removed from all faces of the stones. If any repairs that were required they were then carried out on the stones. The stones were then re-installed in there original location on the new lead flashing


Stainless steel dowels were fitted to the remaining course to anchor the replaced stone. A 7Lb lead tray was fitted including a sleeve to seal the dowels. This tray goes all around the church at parapet level.


The pointing was removed from the existing joints and was replaced with a lime based pointing. This will allow the wall to breathe more efficiently and reduce the build-up of water in the core of the wall.

Nolan and his team took immense pride in the project and did a fantastic job.



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