Minimal disruption

Substantial works were required in an area of the cathedral that could have caused severe disruption to the whole community, so it was understandable the parish required the church remain open for at least one morning mass and for scheduled Saturday and Sunday masses and of course Weddings. Funerals were transferred to the St. Patrick’s Church. Disruption had to be kept to a minimum despite the amount of work required just 10’s of feet away with existing and undamaged building structure, fittings and features protected at all times.

A safe and clean environment

We erected scaffolding with a double layer of plastic to create a dust proof seal to stop the huge amount of dust generated entering the main body of the Cathedral and then installed a fan and ventilation system which created a negative air pressure in the work area stopping the vast majority of dust from entering the main body of the Cathedral.

To date the church has been able to operate to the times agreed and no damage has been caused to any other part of the building its fitting’s or features.




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